Always in my Sewing Box–Blue Painter’s Tape

Anyone who sews with me knows I use this low-tack painter’s tape a lot.blue_painterstape

It’s great for marking textiles that need repair like this stunning crocheted  coverlet my husband’s grandmother made.blue_coverlet

Yes, I know a lot of people would think this piece is too fragile to use–But, It’s also too beautiful to shut away in the cedar chest. After spreading it on our bed every summer, I wash it in a front loading machine,  and dry on delicate.   Then I mark and repair weak and broken places, before storing this family heirloom for next year.

The blue painters tape is a huge help, since the repair process is best done at several sittings (watching my two favorite things–football and old movies on TV).

I also use the tape to mark the throat plate on my machine for button holes, deep machine hems,  or  topstitching.  blue_machine

Finally, painter’s tape is a great help in my beginning sewing classes.  New students often have trouble remembering to lower the machine presser foot. So I write “P-foot” on a piece of painter’s tape and stick it on their hands.  Saves a lot of thread knots–

What unconventional tools are in your sewing box?

PS.  New beginning sewing classes start on Saturday 10/12.  Go to Scrap Exchange Classes for more —

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