Kikis Rewind Designs at Western Wake Farmer’s Market Craft Fair

wwake_sewingOn my sewing table–this pile of unfinished potholders that I hope to stitch up for an early morning market.

The vintage fabric pot holders are a favorite  small gift item I like to make from cool scraps.   I want  to have a BIG stack of them tomorrow, along with my other designs, like tool aprons, bags, and garden journals.

Tomorrow’s  market is a favorite, too.  Every Saturday, I buy organic vegetables and hand-made cheeses at the Western Wake Farmers Market in Cary.  Twice a year, they add Arts and Crafts to the mix and tomorrow (Nov 2) is the day.  Here’s the link with more info about vendors.

Note  the “dot org” in the address.  This market is a nonprofit. That’s one of the reasons it has a great community vibe and small grower, crafter feel.  I love it and I’ m really excited about  being a vendor tomorrow.

One more thing:  Midnight sewing and dull rotary cutting blades NEVER go well together.   Thank goodness it’s my left hand. Maybe I can still get all the pot holders done.    Come see us at the Market!dull_blades


    • Great idea. Some days I wish I’d married a nurse.
      I do tell all my beginning sewing students and blood happens and teach them how to get it out of their projects (suck on it ASAP). It’s an old quilters trick I learned from my mother in law who grew up at ladies afternoon quilting bees–

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