Promoting Sustainable, Ethical Clothing in Scrap Exchange Sewing Classes

labelMake the label BIGGER.  Make it a billboard, it fact.

The label, which came out of a promotional tee-shirt from the company,  Dropbox, says:

Sewn by people in a sweatshop free environment in downtown LA where they are paid a fair wage and have access to health care and benefits.  

What good news to  (finally) see Americans  saying NO to the high human and environmental costs of cheap fashion.

In my sewing classes at the Scrap Exchange in Durham (NC).  I always start by thanking students on behalf of the earth and its people for learning to sew.

This is because:

  • The more people who can alter and reclaim clothing and textiles, the better it is for our land, air, and water.
  • The more people who learn about the process of making and remaking garments,  the more they will think of the people who sew the fashions we wear.

A new class session starts Sunday.  Called Intermediate Sewing–Alterations and Patterns,  it focuses on popular remakes, from hemming jeans, to transforming tee shirts, installing zippers, and making clothing from the ground up.

We’ve had really full sewing classes lately, but at this writing, there’s still some space.

So join us if you’re interested.  Because the last “thank you” I always tell my students is thank yourselves.  Your brain on crafts is a happy brain.   Sewing is good for you, too.

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