Decorate Gift Bottles with Blooms and Burlap–A Quick and Easy Sewing Project

bottle_revWho needs those wine bags people keep passing around?  Instead, I’m wrapping  my gift bottles with a simple label and these rustic reclaimed embroidery and burlap ornaments .  bottle_wrap1

The ornaments are a great reuse project for the discontinued decorator samples I collect.  And since the embroidery is already done, I can sew up a half dozen or these floral, burlap and twine bows in less than an hour.  (How many handmade, upcycled  gifts can you say that about?  bottle_wrap3

So just in time for New Year’s bubbly, here’s how to dress your bottles, or other presents in an eye-catching, earth friendly way.bottlerev_1

1) CUT:  Roughly cut out the  flower or other shape and pin it to a larger piece of the brightest burlap you can find.  No need for subtlety–you’re going to ravel it after all.  Tip:  I always prewash burlap.  It makes it much easier to work with.bottle_rev2

2) SEW: Zig zag twice around the flower LEAVING A FINGER SIZED OPENING for stuffing.bottle_rev4

3) TRIM: Cut the top fabric close to  the stitching.  Trim the burlap about 1/4 inch larger.

$) FILL and FINISH:Stuff fiber fill into the opening and stitched closed.  Cut a length of twine ( approx. 14-16 inches) and stitch it to the top of one flower, Stitch a second flower to the other end. Pull threads to fringe  the burlap edges and you’re ready to tie it on.bottle_wrap2

These little ornament/gift tags can enjoy a second life on  door knobs, windows, banisters and other fun places.   Can’t do that with wine bags.  How else could you use and reuse them? Any ideas?


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