Fabric Selvage Makes Color Coordinated Decorative Fringe

peacock_1My assignment:  a peacock pillow.

No problem, I told the client.  In fact, I had a marvelous crewel embroidery peacock from an upscale drapery sample that I’d been dying to use.

Oh, and you need to use blues and purple.   

Now that was a  problem–my big, beautiful peacock had none of those colors.

So I compromised, creating a custom trim (with a capital C) to tie two very different color schemes together.peacock_2

The first, largest, and most important element in my trim  was a fringy selvage edge from this funky woven fabric. Yes, it ravels.  I zigzagged  it down  twice.peacock_3

Secondly, I tore strips of a pale sea-foam linen that picked up a color in the bird.  After pressing, each torn edge was zigzagged over half of the selvage fringe–more insurance to keep the unstable fringe fabric from raveling away.  peacock4

Finally,  vintage rick-rack was sewn on top,  well, just because I love its clean simple look.

The client was very pleased.  So what do you think of the result?peacock_5

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