Sewing Room Space Savers–Turning the Bed into a Cutting Table

Of all the wonderful things in my sewing room, I love this cozy little daybed the best.


In the afternoons, my pup (who likes to watch me sew) often naps amid the many pillows.  I’ll confess, I join her many days.


And while it would be lovely to have a great big cutting table in place of the bed, you can’t snooze on a table or have guests sleepover there. My sewing space does dual duty as a guest room.


So I use  this heavy-duty folding table from Costco.   Unfolded on the bed sans legs and topped with a cutting mat, it makes a great, sewing/craft work surface.  When we need the bed, my table folds away neatly.  I actually drape blankets over it at the foot of the bed.


The table is Lifetime brand and cost about $65.  I also use it at outdoor craft shows.

So how do you make the most of your sewing space?

One comment

  1. Also Lifetime at Costco has a 4′ table that has 3 height options, one is perfect for sitting at the living room couch . . .I can watch TV and craft at the same time. The other two heights are good for ironing board height and then regular table height.

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