Unleash Your Inner Designer in a Scrap Exchange Sewing Class

class_totegreyI’m always AMAZED by the creativity of my sewing students at the Scrap Exchange in Durham (NC).   Many have literally never touched a needle and thread, but by the end of the first class they’re designing and stitching together the most beautiful things —class_totevlevet

Bags of all sizes, styles and colors



Even scarves


New winter classes start this weekend with  BASIC SEWING in two sessions.  Last time I checked, the class was almost full, but don’t worry.   There’s  also a Sunday afternoon BASIC SEWING WORKSHOP coming up in February.

Also,  we’re trying something new this year, an adult and child sewing class.  More about that later, or you can check the scrap’s website and look under classes.

BTW, Scrap Exchange sewing classes are a great value and the reclaimed fabrics and trims you get to pull from–heaven.  Plus, they’re included in the  price.  What a deal!

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