New Adult/Child Sewing Classes Start this Weekend at the Scrap Exchange

The sewing machine petal on a big book so little people can reach it is a sign of good things happening
A sign of good things in the sewing room–The machine petal is on a thick book so little  people can can reach it.

Teaching a child to sew is a wonderful gift for both of you.

The child learns dexterity, focus, creative problem solving, and feels a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  Later in life that child will grow up to hem their own pants and maybe make lovely custom drapes for their home and yours (which is nothing short of priceless).

Being the teacher is very rewarding, too.   As the basic sewing instructor at the Scrap Exchange in Durham NC, I feel like I’m giving people a skill that will make them happier, more productive, and self reliant.  And I feel very good about that–

This weekend, we’re starting a new Scrap Exchange class and concept: Adult/Child Sewing for ages 7 and up.

The goals are simple.  Students will learn how to sew on a machine.  The adult will learn how to trouble shoot for the child so they can go home and be an informed helper.  And of course, there has to be a class project:   Students duos will design and make a stuffed toy like the crazy critters below–


parent_childdollFrom this basic project they can build their skills at  home, making  doll clothes and dolls (my passion as a child), pillows, bags, clothing, drapes, really cool hippy skirts, and ponchos.  

The list goes on and on–

Here’s the link for the two-part class.

Scrap classes are ultra affordable, BTW.   You can bring your own sewing machine (even if it’s still in the original box) or use one of the machines in the Scrap Exchange design center.   And all the materials are included.

It’s a great opportunity for some quality time with a child you care about–Great for parents, grandparents, friends.  Join us.

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