Yes! You Can Sew on Paper

And it’s a lot of fun.

I often use my sewing machine to create custom greeting cards.


For this gift card for one of my garden/craft tool aprons,  I sewed strips of fabric and trim to card stock.   The words “Made Just for”  were  stamped on cotton ribbon, then filled in with a fabric pen.  The “U” is cut from printed burlap and appliqued.

On the inside, I covered  the stitches with a separate piece of cardstock, which is glued and stitched down.


And here’s a stack of puppy dog valentines, waiting for the threads to trimmed.   I like the contrast of the red thread in the zigzag stitch.


Finally, this  mixed media piece about flying was a Christmas gift for my husband.

card_mixmediaI sewed  vintage paper scraps  to fabrics and trims, then glued it all down on a painted canvas.   Mod Pod and and drybrushed  sliver paint stabilize the  decades old newspaper scrap, “MEN WALK ON MOON”.

So how are you using paper and fabric together?

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