Why ETSY is my Source for Hard to Find Sewing Machine Parts

bernina_partI’m a happy ETSY seller and have been for years

But when I needed a zipper foot for the vintage Bernina 830 Record I’ve been rehabbing, I never thought of shopping ETSY. It’s always been a craft site in my mind.

Silly me.

So I went to the local Bernina dealer, thinking I could just pick up a zipper foot in the shop.

Common part, means easy purchase right?  Not right.

Next I went on-line and got very confused.  They don’t make that part anymore.  I wasn’t sure what I needed.

Frustrated with Google searching, I went back to the dealer route.

The second dealer I tried  offer to order a compatible  foot for $40. OK, Bernina machines are made in Switzerland, but that’s about 4 times what a zipper foot should cost.

Finally, a comment by of my sewing students sparked the ETSY search.

I typed  “bernina 007 zipper foot” in the ETSY search box, and like magic one appeared.   Price $10 (plus 2.95 shipping).

The order was placed on Thursday from  a crafter called Toggle Toes.   My zipper foot arrived on Monday in NC. And life is good. Very good.

Thanks Etsy.  You rock!!

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