Unique Reclaimed Fabric Gift Ideas

There’s always so much to celebrate in the spring!

Here are some  gifts I’ve been working on for family and special friends.peedee_apronskirt

This linen sample from the Scrap Exchange in Durham SCREAMED my sister’s name.  The girl loves big showy flowers so I used every inch of fabric I had in this pieced apron.

My favorite part is the knot garden pocket, a vintage piece from an old chair.peedee_apron1

Thanks to pal Melissa for modeling the finished product.  And yes, we do cook and garden with wine–

Potholders are a favorite gift for cooks who have everything.  In this case, everything includes pet llamas.   I found the llama print cotton on Etsy, my favorite place to shop for hard to find items.llama_potholders

Two llama potholders for my friend Ivy’s birthday.  How fun and unique is that!life_pillow

For my friend who is giving up her big job, big house and moving to 40 acres with 6 horses–this simple”Wisdom Pillow” in progress. The letters were hand done (of course) with stamps and fabric paint, then filled in with fabric markers.dogtee

And speaking of presents–I love this Woof Y’all tee my niece and nephews brought me at the Lost Dog Cafe in Arlington.  (Thanks Becky, Bob and Tom.) But I hate the way its unisex styling makes me look.  So I’m remaking it for my Tee Shirt Transformation class at the Scrap Exchange on Saturday.  Still some room available,  I think,   if you have cool tees that make you look look anything but cool–



  1. Omg , m. Looks like a dancing goof in my apron! He he, I do love it. Happy to know yo like the lost dog tee, there was great discussion. About it. The lama pot holders are great!

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