Easy Project for the Porch–My Fabric Covered Lampshade

lamp_nightI searched high and low for a good porch lampshade.  In the end, I had to make my own.

Since this was my first lampshade project, I started with a “Cover Your Own” kit from the craft store that I bought years ago and never used.

The pattern worked well, the adhesive was strong.  Still, the next time I do this project, I’ll skip the kit, make my own pattern for a plain shade and use adhesive spray.  It’s a less expensive–greener approach.

Another modification–fabric glues  (I tried two)  weren’t strong enough to hold down a fold of this bulky 1960s fabric from my collection.


I got out my needle and thread and sewed the seam down.


Finally, I used my serger to make a wide trim narrow.   Spray adhesive for paper and fabric stuck this down firmly.

One last step–since dust and moisture take a toll on everything “porch”, I’m going  to use this “Outdoor Scotch Guard” to protect my new lampshade.   I’m not a big fan of Scotch Guard–I like to wash everything–but it’s better than replacing the shade every year.


Lampshade transformation in less than an hour–what do you think???


One comment

  1. Matches my bag I’m carrying these days! 😉 More later when I’m on a normal keypad. Hugs, bn

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