Easy Project for the Porch–My Fabric Covered Lampshade

lamp_nightI searched high and low for a good porch lampshade.  In the end, I had to make my own.

Since this was my first lampshade project, I started with a “Cover Your Own” kit from the craft store that I bought years ago and never used.

The pattern worked well, the adhesive was strong.  Still, the next time I do this project, I’ll skip the kit, make my own pattern for a plain shade and use adhesive spray.  It’s a less expensive–greener approach.

Another modification–fabric glues  (I tried two)  weren’t strong enough to hold down a fold of this bulky 1960s fabric from my collection.


I got out my needle and thread and sewed the seam down.


Finally, I used my serger to make a wide trim narrow.   Spray adhesive for paper and fabric stuck this down firmly.

One last step–since dust and moisture take a toll on everything “porch”, I’m going  to use this “Outdoor Scotch Guard” to protect my new lampshade.   I’m not a big fan of Scotch Guard–I like to wash everything–but it’s better than replacing the shade every year.


Lampshade transformation in less than an hour–what do you think???



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