Making Multiples–100 African Print Napkins for a Good Cause

All my Kiki’s Rewind Designs are one of kind.   And while working that way will never make me rich, I love it.  Each piece is fun and challenging to make.  The vintage and reclaimed fabrics I use have unique stories to tell.

Old feed sack prints transformed into new pillow cases.
Old feed sack prints transformed into new pillow cases.

But every now and then, I’m drafted to do  multiples–like these African print napkins to raise money for a girls academy in Kenya.


The cause is Uhuru Child.


That’s Marcia from the fund-raising banquet team cutting  an authentic African wax  print  at my dining room table.

We started by tearing the prewashed fabric into long strips which I finished on the 61 year old industrial serger that lives in my garage.



Marcia cut the serged strips into squares using a rotary cutter.


Back at  the serger, I rolled through  the remaining raw edges on each napkin.

My stepfather was drafted to do the finishing work.  After sealing thread tails with fray check, he  laid the napkins out on the porch between sheets of paper. When the threads were dry, we clipped them.


105 napkins later and we were done!

Yes, it was a long, hard afternoon, but I was grateful to be a part of it. Thinking of the young women of Uhuru reminded me how lucky I am to have been born an American girl with free public education (and the great opportunity that comes with it!)

If you’d like to see more beautiful African fabrics and help the women of Uhuru support their community, check out their craft site–coming back to ETSY on September 14th.

And while you’re on ETSY, you can stop by my shop, too:

Finally, there’re a lot of great sewing causes out there. How to you share your time and talent???

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