What’s on my Sewing Table: Scarves and Scooters from Ireland

We’re on vacation in Ireland and while there are millions of sheep, bins of beautiful  yarns, and sweaters in every shop,  there are still lots of cool fabrics to get me inspired–


I bought this layered scarf at the Galway Street Market.  It’s basically 3 descending triangles of light/sheer fabric that are serged on the edges and sewn together at the top.

I can’t wait to get home and create my own version on my vintage industrial serger.  Combining different  fabrics and trims in a single piece is my favorite part of what I do!

My new favorite sewing book came from  Hickey’s Fabric store (also in Galway).   Inspired by sewing patterns from the 40s , 50s, and 60s,  it’s full of funky hats,  purses,  and collars.


I especially like  the covered button badges in the book.  They’re a great way to use up the little bits and homeless words  that  I can’t bear to part with.


Fabric makes a great souvenir.  It packs flat and won’t break in your baggage.   I thought these red,  white, and blue scooters were unique and bought a meter to cut up and for throw  pillows and pot holders.  Like the woman in the shop said–people are passionate about their bikes.


Finally when I see something in my travels that I want to try at home, I go back to the hotel and make a quick sketch.  Sketching is much less intrusive than snapping pictures of people’s clothing, shop goods, or furniture.  Plus, so many photos seem to get lost down the digital rabbit hole —

Old school sketching works best for me.    Yes, I know it’s paper–but I never leave home without it.


So how to do you capture and save inspiration?

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