Project Ideas for 1970s Polyester

Let me start by stressing the word ideas.   I just bought these fabrics today.


Lucky me.  Someone who used to own a fabric store gave a barn full bolts to the Scrap Exchange–all vintage 70s, mostly in the fiber of the era, poly double knit.

Now, vintage poly is NOT my favorite fabric. It’s thick, has no drape, and is too hot to wear-but it does have some advantages. Poly has body, doesn’t ravel and the prints are wonderfully retro.

Here’s  what I bought today, and what I plan to do with with my choices:


Red, white,  and wine colored daisies will become retro Christmas stockings.   If the stretch poses a problem, I plan to interface  or line my stockings.  Of course, they’ll have a wide contrasting cuff–maybe something unexpected like burlap.


I snagged this green print for  more holiday projects. What do think about it as part of a table runner?  Should it be the center fabric or edging band?  I haven’t decided, yet.


This geometric print will become a perfect pair of simple throw pillows.  Note the other geo–a pillow made with 1940s  men’s jammies in the shot.


I love combining fabrics, so I plan to use these two together in a pillow or bag.  I may even channel quilt the plain fabric.


This bright hounds tooth plaid called out to me in loud voice.  I’m thinking bag(s).


Finally, blue is my color and according to the end of the bolt,  this woven poly was made in Alamance county where I grew up.   I think I’ll make a blouse, putting the wrong (lighter side) of the print out. I love using textiles that have a story.   I could wear it to a cocktail party and break the ice.

If you have any other suggestions for today’s fabric finds, please weigh in.

All of them are off to the washer and dryer.  Stay tuned for progress reports.

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