New Year Reflections–Why I Sew




I certainly DON’T do it for the money.  No one ever got rich making one-of-a-kind items from vintage fabrics or teaching others to sew.  So why did  I spend so much time in 2014 sewing, teaching, blogging, attending  community meet-ups and crafts shows?

It all comes down to the 3 Thank Yous.  I start every sewing class with them:

1) The earth thanks you for sewing.  Every time you reuse materials that have already been produced–a cotton tee shirt, let’s say– you are saving fertilizer, water, energy, and farm land that could be put to better use.  A tee may be inexpensive (even free at times) but the environmental cost of all those tees is very high.

2) The people of the earth thank you for sewing. As a child,  the sewing machine was one of my favorite places to play and experiment.  That makes it seem doubly WRONG that  children in third world sweat shops are making so many of our clothes.  I don’t want that shame on my back, or my conscience.

3) Thank yourself for sewing.  It’s actually good for your brain.  Yes, they have done scientific studies showing  that when  the mid-brain is engaged in crafting, it’s harder to stress or worry.  My loving husband says he already knew that  a long time ago.  He can tell that sewing makes me happy. And despite all the dropped pins and wayward threads, that makes him happy, too.  (Thanks, Bill!)

One more thing as I look back on 2014 and the busy holidays:  Who needs another gift from Macy’s or Target?  When you make things for other people, you’re not only giving them something unique, you’re  also giving them a part of yourself.



So yes,  I am  looking forward to more sewing, teaching, blogging, attending community meet-ups and craft shows  in the New Year.

My first community meet-up is this Sunday at the Scrap Exchange.

The first Basic Sewing Workshop of 2015 is later this month.

In between those events, I’m going to finally find time to finish my sister’s pet quilt, while furiously making hats for two very special people taking chemo.  (You go Girls!)


What about you?  What’s on your sewing list for 2015?

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