Two Upcycled Sewing Projects Inspire

I get the best ideas at the Scrap Exchange in Durham. Our monthly community meet-ups, 2nd Sunday Sewing, draw  a variety of people with the most interesting projects.


Here’s an applique coverlet for a little girl’s room.  I love the bright colors, the multiple circles and the way mom is using raw edges in her appliques.


What a good way to upcycle nursery linens when the child moves to a larger bed. What a great “Just Do It!” style.


And here’s pal Karen, a Sewing Sunday regular and a very talented mixed media artist, with her altered fabric flag.   Can you tell she volunteers at the Scrap Exchange sorting TRIMS?


Karen lined  her wall hanging but the back is open in case the mood strikes her to add more embellishments.  (I bet it will.Trim is so tempting and the Scrap has tons!)


Great use of mixed vintage buttons, too,  don’t you think?

If you’d like to attend 2nd Sunday Sewing, the next meet up is September 13 (2015)  in the Scrap Exchange Design Center from 2-6.   Space is limited, so get there early.   And come prepared to be inspired.  I always am–

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