Labels Matter–Why you Should Always “Sign” your Sewing

Too many stories are lost—
Too many heirlooms end up at thrift stores-
Too many projects created by women come down to us without a name–

Which is why I always label my family gifts and other important sewing project.

For example: this OBX (Outer Banks) pillow made for my beach-loving nephew, BOB.

Unless you had prior knowledge that it was made from a vintage signal flag, you might miss the significance entirely–

So I used an indelible fine-tip markerto handwrite a large label, which I stitched on the back.

Yes, handwriting. Nothing is more personal than that–

I always encourage labels for my sewing students, specially the younger ones who will remember these early accomplishments all their lives. Here are two labels for special dresses made by Klara and Miriam.

What wonderful stories they tell!

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