Turn Vintage Scarves into Special Purses

scarves1Scarves are great keepsakes.  They remind us of people, places, and the good old days.  They’re also a great sources for vintage fabrics–inexpensive and readily available.

Here’s one of my favorite ways to use them– scarf turned clutch purse.


Since scarves and other silky fabrics are usually thin, I channel quilt them to heavier fabric bases with rows of parallel stitches.


Wine colored Grosgrain ribbon and a sampling of tan buttons accentuate the diagonal lines on this piece.   I love mixing parts and pieces from different eras in my designs.

hopepurse_4A wrist strap is a must for easy carry.  And since this purse was created as a special gift for a cancer patient, I added a stamped metal charm that says “I have hope”.


Crafty pal and neighbor Jen Austin made the charm for me.   Her company’s called Magpie and Bertie. (You can find her on FB>)


Zipper, lining, label and I’m done.  But one was not enough.  This purse inspired me to tackle some other pink fabric combos.


What about you?  What’s on your sewing table these hot July days?

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