Finally–Sewing Thread Storage that Works for (messy) Me–

Clear jars, plastic boxes, wooden racks–over the years I’ve tried all sorts of commercial containers for thread. None of them were great for my large and always growing collection.

Then inspiration struck this summer–

This little white dresser kicked around my sewing space for decades–mostly holding paper that I didn’t use very much. I almost kicked it back to the thrift store until I decided to try thread.

Balsa wood from the hardware store–
I used two widths and think I like the taller better.

My husband cut lengths on his miter saw. I heated up the glue gun, used cans of food for weights–so easy. And I love my new thread storage!

I can see what colors I have, what I need. Drawers come out easily for closer inspection. And best of all, when threads are dangling out of the drawers, I can easily snip them off.

My thread looks so neat now! What do you think?? How do you store your sewing thread???


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