Hand sewing at Holden Beach

First a confession:  Yes, I HAVE taken my sewing machine on beach vacations–many, many times.  But change is good.  Rest is good.  This week I left the PFAFF at home and packed some hand work instead.


Here’s a birds of feather pillow I’ve been longing to do.  First, I drew my pattern, then cut the birds from old quilt scraps–the branches, too.  Lots of running stitch anchors the pieces in place on a reclaimed decorator sample.  When I get home, I’ll finish it off on the sewing machine–but the design NEVER would have evolved this way, if I had a machine at hand.  I think that’s cool.

Next project:  I was waiting for some downtime to embroider words on these NC pillow covers.


It was very relaxing to sit under the umbrella and work “Home” in the back-stitch my Grandma taught me all those years ago.


Don’t forget to pack a big bag of fabrics and your threads and scissors.   Wal-mart and the dollar store are over the bridge–slim pickin’s and a long way when the beach waits right outside your back door.


Finally:  I’ve wanted to turn the autumn colored fabrics below into something for a long time.  Never thought they’d end up together, but the beach worked its magic again.   What do you think of my table topper in progess?


I’ll probably start stitching this piece (on my PFAFF) at our local library.  Eva Perry asked me to do a “Meet the Artist” demo this Tuesday from 4-6.  If you’re around, stop by and see how my runner will turn out.


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