In the Nick of Time–New Purses–Plus What to do With Daddy’s Ties

purses_betterI’ve been busy sewing purses–and it’s a darn good thing.  The first of three holiday craft show begins in just 7 days with the Mistletoe Market (Wake Forest, NC).

But no one who makes things one-at-a-time is geared to turning out product quickly.  I do produce a wealth of thread piles, though.   (Please don’t tell Grandma about the mess.)


Anyone who has as many beautiful textiles as I do never gets to see all the ideas come to light–

But I did finally get around  to this fun vintage tie I’ve been thinking about all summer.   I quilted these silver Greek pots  on to some classic Pendleton wool, added a bright decorator scrap, metal zipper and another gift–BIG silver button rescued from pal Megan’s Mom’s Icelandic sweater.    What do you think of the way it turned out?


Here’s more on those upcoming holiday shows–Now back to making piles of thread on the floor.

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