New Pillows, The Best Purse Ever & A Little Help from my Friends


Sometimes it takes a village–

Thanks to wonderful pals, Ivy Hoffman and Megan Valentine for pitching in to help me get ready for the Mistletoe Marketplace on Saturday.

Ivy dressed threads with Fray Check and stuffed the pillow form for this purring calico cat with vintage chenille.

Vintage quilt scrap turned cat with lots machine and hand stitching


Megan, who is very good at hand embroidery, finished outlining my dove of peace in black thread.

Quilt scrap dove on linen remnant


Meanwhile, I was able to focus on the BEST purse ever–at least for the moment.  The Roman charioteers and columns in mid-century pink, grey and gold is just too cool.  This bag has two pockets on the back that cover a gap and some spots in the large-scale print. Let’s hope I get a big black, cross-body strap on by Saturday.

Love this mid-century fabric!!


Here’s the back–


The Mistletoe Market is at Wakefield High School in North Raleigh and it’s for a good cause.  I’ll add the flyer at the end of this post.

But first, an update:  Some of my hand sewing from Holden Beach is ready to move forward.  I think these quilted birds need to become a wall hanging.  What about you?

birds BEFORE

And here’s the Mistletoe Market info:



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