Repurposing Old Embroidery in a Flower Garden Pillow



I love making  fabric collages like this colorful flower pillow with a picket fence.    An old chenille bedspread became my white pickets.  Vintage floral trim twines across the fence.


Behind the white pickets–flowers!  I cut and appliqued blooms and leaves from 7 different sources including a grandma pillowcase, a 1970s polyester flower and  two discontinued decorator samples.


My technique for appliques is always the same:

  • I cut and arrange my pieces.
  • Quilters temporary spray adhesive holds them in place.
  • Next I channel quilt all the layers using my presser foot as a stitch guide.  Having a walking foot on my machine makes all the difference at this step.  Even small pieces don’t shift and pucker.
  • Finally, I zig-zag over the raw edges with a satin stitch.  Don’t make your stitch too tight and perfect.  It’s better to go around twice with a looser stitch (stitch length about 1) than hang  up your machine on thicker parts of the design (a pain to rip out).

Here’s a close up of my stitches:flowerfence_3

I hope it inspires you to try some applique!

And check out other fabric collage in my ETSY shop, Kiki’s Rewind Designs.






  1. What a lovely idea. I inherited some of my grandmother’s embroidery projects that are in various states of completion. I think putting them together in one project like this will be better – and quicker – than trying to finish what she started. This is just perfect. Thank you! ~Sara

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