New Harvest Apron Design Captures Summer’s Bounty

harvestapron_1This is what I was dreaming of when I created my new harvest apron design: a wealth of homegrown vegetables picked from my own back yard.  harvest2With that bounty in mind, big pockets are this apron’s number one feature.  Each side opening measures about 9 inches.harvestapron_2Still need for space for melons or lots of homegrown tomatoes?  Unbutton the pocket top and the piece drops down forming a nice padded shelf for produce.harvestapron_3Cradle your harvest without bruising it.  harvestapron_4I made this apron full-length to help carry the weight of summer vegetables.   The wrap around ties keep it close to the body and out of the way as  you pick.  harvestapron_5Three of my harvest aprons are finished and headed for my ETSY shop or a fall craft fair near you.  Many more are in the works.   Like all of my Rewind Designs, they’re super-sturdy, and made from vintage and reclaimed materials.  Only the thread is new.  harvestapron_6Groovy blue and green is done.harvestapron_7And my favorite of this batch–canning jars.  Nothing says “summer bounty” like this reclaimed kitchen towel–except maybe a big homegrown tomato sandwich.

So how does your garden grow this summer?  Could you use your own harvest apron?

One comment

  1. Love it! And as Granny used to imply- It’s a sin to live in the south and not grow tomatoes!

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