Remembrance Wedding Pillow

This pillow was made for my nephew’s June wedding.  His mom, my little sister,  died of cancer two years ago and I was touched when the bride-to-be asked me to make a With you in Spirit pillow to go in my sister’s chair.

That’s a strip of my sis’ blouse (complete with buttons) along the bottom of the pillow.  The handwritten words, “With you in Spirit Today and Always” are set off with lightly brushed sliver fabric paint.

A more detailed label is stitched to the back of the pillow.   I’m a big believer in hand written labels with lots of info and dates . 

The photo above also shows off the lovely vintage fabrics I was able to use for the project.  Both textiles were 1960s mother and grandmother of the bride dresses gifted to me by a friend.   So from wedding to wedding.  How fitting.   

The flowers were cut from the pink brocade.  I stitched them in darker pink thread.  Their “leaves” are reclaimed fabrics from my stash.  My sister loved flowers. 

And here’s the best photo of all–My sister’s husband holding the pillow he carried down the aisle.  

One comment

  1. Very touching. About to leave chville and head back to Bburg for next round of work. Talk soon Love, Betsy

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