Halloween Wall Hanging

My  Tigers and Bears Oh My! mini quilt is finally done and ready for trick-or-treaters tomorrow night. 

This project actually began way back when–when I was making appliqued fabric coasters.  The bear and tiger came from a discontinued decorator sample.  They’re stitched to a burlap coffee sack with leaves from a 1950s curtain. 

Then, in true Halloween style, the project seemed to take on a life of its own.  A animal print turned up along with some African scraps.  The words appeared next.  I used stamps and filled in with fabric market.  Don’t ask me why I like brown over black lettering.  It’s my go to color. 

The “caution”  from cut letters (like a spooky ransom note) arrived next.  And finally I painted sticks black with metallic highlights for hanging. 

The moral here–besides beware of tigers and bears–is don’t give up on a piece if it doesn’t jell the first time.  Let it age, look at it again with fresh eyes, and wait for inspiration to strike. 

Happy Halloween!  Wishing you treats not tricks.  (And please, use caution around tigers and bears.) 

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