White on White Clergy Stole Sewn from Family Fabrics

Clearing out a family home is huge job–but it’s also a big opportunity. Case in point is this one of a kind clergy stole. Made from more than a dozen family fabrics, it incorporates table linens, wedding dresses, baby and vintage clothing, all collected by my client while caring for a declining mom.

Turned out rather well, I think.

At the client’s suggestions, I used a commercial pattern for this project. The Serendipity Clergy Stole is available on ETSY and has REALLY good instructions—like your no-nonsense grandma would give.

Of course we went off the the grid.

Step 1: Piecing and quilting strips to a single piece of muslin wide enough for both sides. (15X52 inches in this case) In essence, we created our own fabric.

Once the client approved of the arrangement, I sewed the pieces down.

Step 2: Press, fold and cut out two matching sides.

Using my Quilters Spray Adhesive and pins, I applied a sew-in, non woven, medium weight interfacing. It’s a critical step that gave the stole nice body.

Kona cotton backing was suggested by the pattern maker. We used a winter white.

3/4 inch linen bands edge the bottom and both sides. I sewed it to the back, pressed to the front and top stitched. And then I added some rows of gold thread stitching—which the client really loved. (Me too)

Here’s one more look–

This stole was a birthday present for my client’s minister daughter. What a meaningful gift!!

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