Crafting Through Covid–New Projects from a long list.

Crafting saved me again. Thanks to my fabric stash, a large collection of paper and paints (plus timely Amazon PRIME orders), I’ve crafted my way though quarantine and held the fear and uncertainly of the last 6 months mostly at bay.    

If there’s a silver lining, it’s been the opportunity to try new things.  Here are some crafts I’ve always wanted to dig into, but never found the time until now. 

My tile and broken china collection finally became the mosaic table tops and birdbath I’ve always envisioned. 

Mosaics are very forgiving. I will make more.   

These concrete leaves were molded from our garden, formed and cured in the garage, and painted in my studio.  Concrete is also very forgiving (and messy).  I love the impressive results. 

And I love making my own cards but often don’t find the time.  Here’s a new crop of junk journals and cards I’ve just glued, painted and sewed. 

Fun and useful.  I won’t have to go to the store. 

Finally, I need to mention sewing burnout.   Back in the spring, I stitched and donated more than 100 masks in double time. I needed a break.  Now I’m back at the machine and sewing these fun little needle folders. 

Like many of my best ideas, this one came from a book.

My crafting library has been a great friend during the quarantine.  And it’s pleasure to dive into my collections and see parts come together in finished pieced.  Using things on hand is another upside of lock down.

The needle books  will make great little gifts and stocking stuffers.  I’ll post detailed directions next time. Meanwhile, I’m going to tackle another new project from my list–fabric landscapes. 

What about you?  How are you crafting through Covid?

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