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Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find


Super-sturdy tool aprons for gardeners, crafters and teachers
Quilted organizers for travelers and more
Reclaimed fabric purses with vintage buttons
Throw pillow covers that make a BIG statement!


    • You’re very sweet, Colette. Like my Daddy I can’t sit still. I’m always planning, thinking, “I could make that into….”.
      And like my Daddy, I can’t stand to see things thown away. Hope all goes well with you. C

    • Sorry Jackie. I actually sold the last of that that FAB airplane fabric to a flyer in Australia. Wow! must be hard to find. I just have a scrap left, so no yardage for more than applique.
      Have you tried a search in the vintage section of ETSY?? You might find something there from another vendor.

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